Augmedix Go ED

Ambient AI for emergency medicine that generates draft notes in moments.

The Silent Partner for Your Not-So-Silent ED

Augmedix Go ED is the only ambient AI product designed around the unique workflows and unpredictability of emergency departments.

This ambient AI medical documentation product drafts notes in moments, making it easy for clinicians to document patient encounters, capture important Medical Decision Making (MDM) details, and focus on the patient in front of them.

  • ED-optimized AI
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Hands-free audio with a bluetooth mic to capture clear audio
  • Real-time tracking to show up-to-date patient info
  • Interruption-proof by combining multiple interactions into a single note
  • Easy re-evaluations to add time-stamped progress to the MDM
  • Affordable and scalable

Built for the Flow of the ED

See the Patient Notes

See the Patient

Augmedix technology uses automatic speech recognition to capture and transcribe the natural clinician-patient conversation.

Record the Visit

Augmedix Go ED™ leverages natural language processing, including proprietary tuned models based on Google Cloud’s MedLM, among other large language models, and structured data sets, to create a high-quality draft medical note.

Sign Off Notes

Review and Sign

The Augmedix Go ED™ app makes it easy for the clinician to review and edit the content before finalizing each note.

What Augmedix Go ED™ Users and Hospital Executives Are Saying

Michael A. Borunda

“Despite how loud it was in the ED, Augmedix got the note content right. After careful review, I had no edits and was able to send my note straight to the EHR.”

– Michael A. Borunda, M.D., ED Director
HCA Florida Trinity Hospital

Michael J. Schlosser

“The work we’ve done on Augmedix Go in the ED demonstrates how the Augmedix team has worked to build a strong, long-term relationship with HCA Healthcare and provide us high-quality, successful deployments.”

– Michael J. Schlosser, M.D., MBA, FAANS, SVP, Care Transformation and Innovation
HCA Healthcare

Veronica L. Cassese Klasko

“Using Augmedix allowed me to spend more time with my patients and less time in front of my computer. I was also able to essentially eliminate charting after my shift was over, which makes a huge difference.”

– Veronica L. Cassese Klasko, MHSc, MMS, PA-C​, Physician Assistant
HCA Florida Trinity Hospital

Features Designed for ED Workflows

Augmedix Go ED simplifies the complexity of patient visits, enabling clinicians to visualize encounters and quickly complete charting.

Patient Tracker

Stay in the flow of a busy shift with a personalized, real-time summary of patients.

To-Do List

Find and complete medical notes from previous shifts. Patient notes are automatically added to the To-Do List after a clinician’s shift is complete.


Generates generates comprehensive MDM sections that support patient care and proper coding by combining data sources like ambient listening and patient information in the EHR.


As new information and diagnostics flow in, clinicians can add timestamped content directly into the MDM section.

Augmedix Integrates With Leading EHRs

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Powered Products

Ambient AI generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI plus an extra layer of specialist support creates finished notes faster.

Full-service product with a specialist that pends orders and adds referrals, letters, and coding.

Chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit. Can be bundled into any Augmedix Go product.

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