Augmedix Live™

Full-service product with a specialist that provides point-of-care support.

Provide Attentive Care With Greater Efficiency

Augmedix Live™ puts the clinician-patient relationship front and center by using ambient AI technology to deliver synchronous medical documentation and point-of-care support.

To ensure the highest-quality experience, a specialty-trained Medical Documentation Specialist (MDS) is included for the whole shift. Each specialist is a member of the care team and communicates with clinicians in real time.

  • White glove support for clinicians
  • Synchronous two-way communication with a specialty-trained MDS
  • Offers point-of-care support through pending orders and adding referrals, letters, and coding
  • Serves every care setting
  • Integrates with leading EHRs
  • HITRUST risk-based, two-year (r2) certification

High Quality, Seamless Medical Notes

Augmedix Live helps clinicians be more productive every day, while reducing the burden of administrative tasks that drive burnout and staffing turnover.

3 Hours

Save up to 3 Hours Per Day


Improved Work-Life Satisfaction


Increase in Productivity

How Augmedix Live Works

See the Patient

Augmedix uses ambient AI technology, supported by a medical documentation specialist, to capture key medical entities synchronously from the visit between clinicians and patients.

Document Visit

Our Notebuilder Platform, supported by a specialty-trained medical documentation specialist, utilizes structured data models to create industry-leading medical notes. We also pend orders and send referrals and reminders in real time.

Sign Off

Sign Off

The structured medical notes are seamlessly inserted into the EHR for final review and sign-off by the clinician.

The Augmedix Medical Documentation Specialist

Medical Documentation Specialists are tech-enabled specialists who function as members of the care team. 

More than scribes or medical transcriptionists, they provide quality assurance by using the Augmedix technology platform to convert the visit conversation between clinicians and patients into premium quality medical notes, ensuring that the notes are accurate and include comprehensive medical content and relevant context.


What are the benefits of a medical documentation 
specialist instead of a scribe?


Global footprint that is easily adaptable to increased workload or organization growth.


Remote, offering greater privacy for the patient.


Fully-trained, always available for clinician’s unique needs.


Efficient, leveraging AI for fast-paced environments.

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