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Augmedix Notes and Telemedicine


Workflow Best Practices


Augmedix best practices help our healthcare providers navigate telemedicine visits with their medical documentation assistant.

These best practices streamline workflows, meet current documentation requirements, and are integrated into both Augmedix Live and Augmedix Notes products. 

Every Augmedix assistant can support those clinicians who are exclusively managing patients via telemedicine, as well as clinicians conducting both in-person and remote services for their patients.

Augmedix Telemedicine User Engagement

  • Augmedix users represent 35 medical specialities
  • Approximately 90% of Augmedix users are conducting televisits
  • Augmedix users utilize multiple platforms to conduct televisits
  • Televisits are being conducted from varying locations (clinics, field clinics, clinician's homes, etc.)

Compatible with any telemedicine platform, our best practices ensure streamlined workflows and up-to-date documentation requirements, which are integrated into both our Augmedix Live and Augmedix Notes products.

Using Augmedix During a Patient Visit

Augmedix Notes

Every Augmedix scribe is trained to support clinicians as you conduct both in-person and virtual visits.

Getting Started

Augmedix Notes provides asynchronous documentation. The Notes service relies on video/audio recordings initiated by the clinician. To ensure that your scribe can see and hear each visit, the Augmedix device must be close to the speaker on your telemedicine device when recording is in progress.

Telemedicine Visit


At the start of your day, log into the Augmedix application.


For virtual visits (e.g. telemedicine or telephone visits) place your Augmedix device close to the speaker of the telemedicine device or telephone so the scribe can hear both you and the patient.


If the visit is conducted via a telemedicine application where there is video of the patient, direct the rear camera towards the patient.


Start a recording for each patient in the Augmedix Notes application prior to the start  of the visit.


At the start of the visit, confirm patient consent of use of Augmedix Notes.


Start and stop visit recordings and dictations as normal for each patient.