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Augmedix Notes provides clinicians best-in-class medical documentation so clinicians can focus on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

How It Works

Clinician seeing patient in an exam room

See Patient

Clinician and patients interact naturally while the Augmedix platform automatically captures the clinic visit
Augmedix assistant documenting a patient visit

Document Visit

Augmedix assistants extract relevant details of the clinic visit and optional post-visit dictation to create the medical documentation
Clinician using Augmedix to finalize patient visit notes

Sign Off

Medical documentation is uploaded into the clinician's EHR for sign off

What Clinicians Are Saying

Dr.Peter David Gerald Chang Sing

Adventist Health

“Augmedix Notes makes my life easier and
allows me to spend more time with patients.
The service captures all pertinent information
in an organized manner and is very, very

4.7/5 provider satisfaction rating average since 2013

Dr. Dean Meisel

Primary Care
Wilmington Health

“Augmedix Notes saves me a ton of time!
I've tried documentation services like this
before, including in-person scribes, but this
is the first service that has worked for me.”

4.7/5 provider satisfaction rating average since 2013

Dr. Kellyn Milani

Naturopathic Doctor
Remedy Health

“I love Augmedix Notes! It is fast and
efficient and helps keep me organized”

4.7/5 provider satisfaction rating average since 2013

Dr. Melanie Lerew

Texoma ENT & Allergy

“I'm loving Augmedix Notes! The experience
is pretty slick!”

4.7/5 provider satisfaction rating average since 2013

Dr. Jerry Giles

Texoma ENT & Allergy

"Augmedix Notes delivers high quality
medical documentation. I'm really pleased
with the service!"

Dr. Jed Grisel

Texoma ENT & Allergy

“Augmedix Notes helps me work faster. The
service streamlines my workflow and captures
details from natural conversations.”

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