Augmedix Prep™

AI-enabled chart preparation
delivered prior to the patient visit.

Eliminate the Burden of Preparation

Preparing medical charts can drain valuable clinician time that could be focused on patients.

To ease the administrative burden of chart preparation, Augmedix Prep™ uses AI technology to enter relevant patient information into the EHR prior to the patient visit. All chart preparation is reviewed for quality by our Medical Documentation Specialists.

A cost-effective solution, Augmedix Prep™ can be purchased separately or bundled with any Augmedix Go™ product to further empower healthcare teams. Augmedix Prep™ is included with Augmedix Live™.

Empowering More Efficient Clinicians

Augmedix Prep™ enters relevant patient information into the EHR, including:

Augmedix Prep Visit Tasks
  • Patient demographics, history, diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Past medical, family and social history
  • Medication changes since last visit
  • Medical contraindications
  • Updates to imaging, lab and diagnostic results
  • Care gap reminders (immunizations, screening tests, etc.)
  • Standing orders
  • Orders for testing, medications and labs
  • HIPAA-compliant technology

How Augmedix Prep Works



Before the visit, Augmedix prepares the note structure and presents premium quality consolidated reference information for the new visit based on the visit type and previous medical records.


See the Patient

The relevant patient information is seamlessly entered into the EHR prior to the patient visit. Clinicians simply review the information within the workflow, and walk into the room ready to see the patient.

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Powered Products

Ambient AI generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI for emergency medicine that generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI plus an extra layer of specialist support creates finished notes faster.

Full-service product with a specialist that pends orders and adds referrals, letters, and coding.

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