Augmedix Live – Product Schedule

Last Updated: October 10, 2023


1.               DEFINITIONS

1.1            “Augmedix Live” means the virtual, real-time medical documentation assistance and live clinical support Service provided to Customer and its Authorized Users by Medical Documentation Specialist(s) via a Content Capture Device(s) and the accompanying Augmedix Application, including any associated software or tools.

1.2            “Customer Facility(-ies)” means the certain designated Customer facility or facilities designated in the applicable Service Order.

1.3            “Content Capture Device(s)” means that/those certain smartphone(s) or other wearable device(s) provided by Augmedix to Customer during the Subscription Term to enable Augmedix Live on behalf of Customer’s Authorized Users.

1.4            “Medical Documentation Specialist” (“MDS” or “MDSs”) means an Augmedix-supplied individual who provides virtual medical documentation assistance for an Authorized User.


2.1           Authorized User Selection. To the extent practicable, Customer’s designated Authorized Users should be identified in the applicable Service Order. To the extent not identified in the Service Order (or in the event Customer desires to swap an Authorized User), Customer shall provide a list of its selected Authorized Users to Augmedix no later than thirty (30) days prior to the first day Augmedix produces live patient notes for one or more Authorized Users. Augmedix will provide rolling guidance on the target Launch Date (as defined in Section 3.2 below) for each Authorized User. Customer may swap one Authorized User for another Authorized User prior to the applicable Launch Date; provided, however, if Customer swaps one Authorized User for another less than fifteen (15) days prior to the Launch Date (as defined below), Customer shall pay a swap fee, as specified in the applicable Service Order (“Swap Fee”).

2.2           Kick-off Call. Augmedix will initiate and conduct a kick-off call with Customer to collect Authorized Users’ preferences, discuss workflow and coordinate appropriate access to the electronic health record system (collectively “Customer EHR“).

2.3           Technical Site Evaluation and Network Infrastructure Setup. Augmedix’s Site Connectivity Recommendations and Best Practices are set forth on Schedule 1 hereto. Prior to deploying Augmedix Live for each Authorized User, Augmedix will, as appropriate, assist with performance of a wireless network assessment on a mutually agreed upon date. If Augmedix determines Customer’s network infrastructure fails to support Augmedix Live for an Authorized User, Customer shall be responsible for the cost of any remediation necessary to enable its wireless network infrastructure to support Augmedix Live. Alternatively, Augmedix may, subject to a viability assessment and Customer’s approval, deliver Augmedix Live via mobile broadband technology. Augmedix will provide mobile broadband coverage free of charge for a period of three (3) months following the launch of Customer’s initial cohort of Authorized Users (so that Customer may remediate any wireless network issues); thereafter, mobile broadband coverage will be provided for an additional monthly charge, as specified in the applicable Service Order.

2.4           Ramp-up. Augmedix will coordinate and manage the ramp-up of Augmedix Live in order to facilitate the relationships between Authorized Users and their MDSs. During this ramp-up period, Augmedix will provide training to the Authorized User(s) and for one or more MDS(s) working with the Authorized User(s) such that such MDS(s) are able to satisfactorily complete notes for patient visits for such Authorized Users.


3.1           Augmedix Live. Commencing on the effective date of the applicable Service Order and continuing for the remainder of the Subscription Term of such Service Order, Augmedix will provide Augmedix Live as specified herein and in the applicable Service Order. Utilizing their Content Capture Devices, Authorized Users will connect and use the Augmedix Application to send a secure audio/video feed of the clinician-patient encounter to an MDS, who will view the encounter and utilize Augmedix’s proprietary tools to prepare the draft medical documentation. Augmedix will then upload the medical documentation into the Customer EHR, in pending status, awaiting the Authorized User’s review, finalization and approval. Authorized User’s shall be ultimately responsible for the content of any medical documentation prepared by Augmedix on an Authorized User’s behalf. Augmedix shall ensure that all MDSs comply with the terms and conditions of all agreements between Customer and third parties relating to the use of the Customer EHR. Customer may access and use Augmedix Live solely for its internal business purposes, and such access and use is expressly limited to the number of Authorized Users for which Customer has paid Fees in accordance with the applicable Service Order.

3.2           Service Phase. The service phase (“Service Phase”) consists of ongoing virtual, real-time medical documentation assistance and live clinical support by Augmedix-supplied MDSs on behalf of Customer’s designated Authorized Users. The Service Phase will commence on the first day Augmedix produces live patient notes, on an Authorized User-by-Authorized User basis (each a “Launch Date”) and continue for the remainder of the Subscription Term of the applicable Service Order.

3.3       Seat Transfers. Authorized User’s Augmedix Live Subscriptions may not be shared or used by more than one individual Authorized User; however, Authorized User Subscriptions may be transferred at no cost to new Authorized Users replacing individuals who will no longer use the Service, provided that all of the following criteria are satisfied: (i) the new Authorized User practices the same specialty, (ii) Customer notifies Augmedix of the transition to the new Authorized User no later than thirty (30) days prior to the terminating Authorized User’s last day of Service; and (iii) the new Authorized User’s Launch Date is not more than thirty (30) days after the terminating Authorized User’s last day of Service. In the event the foregoing criteria are not met, standard Implementation Fees will apply to the new Authorized User.


4.1           Content Capture Devices. The Content Capture Devices and other hardware or materials provided for the purpose of Augmedix Live are owned (or leased) by Augmedix. Augmedix shall be responsible for ensuring the availability and functionality of sufficient Content Capture Devices to provide the Services pursuant to a Service Order. In the event Customer desires supplementary Content Capture Device(s) to service additional Customer Facilities, Customer shall pay a monthly fee for such additional Customer Facilities, as specified in the applicable Service Order. Subject to Customer’s compliance with this Section 4, the acquisition, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the Content Capture Devices, including installation of all updates and other upgrades to the Augmedix Application, will be solely the responsibility of Augmedix..

4.2           Customer Responsibilities. Customer shall ensure that Authorized Users: (a) maintain the Content Capture Devices in good repair, condition and working order; and (b) use the Content Capture Devices in accordance with the applicable user manual(s) and guidelines provided from time to time by Augmedix. Upon receipt of the Content Capture Devices, Customer shall bear the entire risk of loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the Content Capture Devices or any part thereof, from any and every cause whatsoever, which shall occur prior to the return of the Content Capture Devices to Augmedix, excluding reasonable wear and tear.

4.3       Maintenance. In the event any Content Capture Device breaks or functions incorrectly, due to no fault of Customer, Augmedix shall use commercially reasonable efforts to repair or replace such device as soon as reasonably practicable.

4.4           Prohibitions Related to Content Capture Device. Customer shall not: (a) sublease any of the Content Capture Devices; (b) create or incur, or permit to exist, any lien or encumbrance with respect to any of the Content Capture Devices; (c) load any software other than the Augmedix Application provided by Augmedix onto any Content Capture Device; (d) disable any protective safeguards; or (e) use the Content Capture Devices outside of the approved Customer Facilities or for any purposes other than those set forth in this Agreement.

4.5           Return. Upon the termination or expiration of the applicable Subscription Term or Agreement, Customer will disconnect, package and return the Content Capture Devices to Augmedix in the same condition as when delivered to Customer, ordinary wear and tear excepted. To the extent that any Content Capture Device is damaged or not returned for any reason, Augmedix may invoice Customer its reasonable costs for repair or replacement of such Content Capture Device, and Customer shall promptly pay such costs within thirty (30) days of receiving such invoice.


5.1           IT, Telecommunications and Internet Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer’s and its Authorized Users’ use of Augmedix Live is dependent upon access to telecommunications and internet services meeting certain minimal site connectivity requirements. Except for the Content Capture Device(s) and the Augmedix Application, Customer shall be solely responsible for acquiring and maintaining all telecommunications, internet services, and other hardware and software required to access and use Augmedix Live, including, without limitation, any and all costs, fees, expenses, and taxes of any kind related to the foregoing. Augmedix shall not be responsible for any loss or corruption of data, lost communications, or any other loss or damage of any kind arising from any such telecommunications and internet services.

5.2           Access. At no cost to Augmedix, Customer shall provide Augmedix (and any of its third-party MDS suppliers) with appropriate access and related credentials for use of the Customer EHR, and any other required Customer Materials, as necessary for Augmedix to provide Augmedix Live to Customer. Customer must provide all credentials and permissions necessary for Augmedix personnel to access the Customer EHR within two (2) weeks of Augmedix’s written request. If credentials are not provided within two (2) weeks of Augmedix’s written request, Augmedix cannot guarantee Service and reserves the right to delay Customer’s Launch Date until appropriate Customer EHR credentials can be provided by Customer.

5.3           Patient Education and Consent. Customer shall: (a) inform each patient, prior to an Authorized User’s use of Augmedix Live with such patient, of the function, extent, and purpose of Augmedix Live and utilization of audio/video equipment by means of the Content Capture Device in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; and (b) obtain the patient’s consent, to the extent required under applicable laws and regulations, for the Authorized User to use Augmedix Live. Without limiting the foregoing, Customer may utilize patient education materials, including FAQs, provided by Augmedix (“Education Materials”). If Customer chooses to utilize the Education Materials, Customer agrees not to make any material changes to the Education Materials without Augmedix’s prior written consent.

5.4           Scheduling. Fourteen (14) days prior to the Launch Date for the applicable Authorized User and the start of each month thereafter, Customer shall input a daily schedule for each Authorized User for each day of the following month in the Customer EHR or other Customer scheduling software (“Daily Schedule”). The Daily Schedule will be used by Augmedix to staff MDSs for Augmedix Live. If Customer does not notify Augmedix fourteen (14) days in advance of clinic, Augmedix cannot guarantee MDS availability.

5.4.1       Customer must provide fourteen (14) days’ written notice in advance of any material Daily Schedule change. If less than fourteen (14) days’ written notice is received, Augmedix will make good faith efforts, but does not guarantee, to accommodate such requests.

5.4.2       MDS Breaks. Notwithstanding the Daily Schedule, Customer shall provide, and ensure that its Authorized Users provide, MDSs with reasonable breaks during each clinical shift, but no less than the breaks required by law in the jurisdiction from which the MDSs are providing the Services.

5.4.3       Vacations/Leave of Absence. Customer shall continue to pay an Authorized User’s monthly Subscription Fees, as set forth in the applicable Service Order, in the event of a vacation and/or leave of absence of two (2) consecutive calendar weeks or less. In the event Customer desires to suspend Services for an Authorized User for more than two (2) consecutive calendar weeks, Augmedix will hold the MDS assigned to such Authorized User during his/her absence, provided that Customer provides thirty (30) days’ notice of such suspension and pays the monthly minimum fee set forth in the applicable Service Order (“Suspension Fee”). In the event Customer elects not to, or fails to pay the Suspension Fee, Augmedix reserves the right to reallocate the MDS assigned to such Authorized User.

5.5           EHR Transitions.  In the event Customer transitions from one EHR system to another EHR system, Customer shall provide at least sixty (60) days’ written notice to Augmedix. The parties shall negotiate reasonably and in good faith to agree upon the details of a project plan for the transition. The failure to provide Augmedix with the required notice or to abide by the agreed-upon project plan for an EHR transition may negatively impact the continuity of the Services. Subject to the foregoing, transition services will be provided by Augmedix and paid for by Customer on a time and cost basis.

Schedule 1

Site Connectivity Recommendations and Best Practices

1.               Internet Service Provider

a.               Required: Cable or Fiber internet connectivity

b.               Recommended:

●                 Maximum latency of 150ms from Augmedix device outbound to Augmedix service

●                 Jitter under 30ms

●                 Packet loss under 1%

2.           Wireless Infrastructure

a.          Required Configuration for Augmedix Services

●            Access Point (AP) model offers 802.11n or greater

●            Wireless design optimized for VoIP coverage

●           No two neighboring APs broadcasting on the same channel (co-channel interference)

●           -65 dBm RSSI in all locations

●           25 dBm Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) in all locations

●           WPA2 PSK (AES) or WPA2 PEAP authentication

●           DHCP required

●           No 40 MHz channel width on the 2.4 GHz band

●           Low data rates disabled (12 Mbps as the minimum)

●           QoS enabled for Augmedix SSID & WLAN at the highest priority (platinum/voice)

 b.         Recommended Configuration for higher quality Augmedix Services

[Required Configuration + Items Listed Below]

●                 PMK Key Caching enabled (CCKM also acceptable)

●          DFS channels avoided (prevents dropped client connections during AP radio reset caused by channel change)

●                 No 80 MHz channel width on 5GHz

●                 802.11r enabled (Fast Transition)

●                 802.11k enabled (AP Roaming Decisions)

●                 All APs in a single building on the same model

●                 AP power levels tuned with RRM-TPC (or equivalent) and locked in place

●                 AP channels tuned with RRM-DCA (or equivalent) and locked in place

●                 Band-specific SSIDs available for use

3.     Available Bandwidth: 128 Kbps upload and download bandwidth of 10 Kbps for each provider.  On a shared SSID, a minimum of 256 Kbps upload and 48Kbps download bandwidth for each provider.

●                 1 provider – 128 Kbps up and 10 Kbps down on a dedicated SSID or VLAN

●                 10 simultaneous providers – 1.28 Mbps up / 100 Kbps down

●                 100 simultaneous providers – 12.8 Mbps up / 1 Mbps down

4.     Quality of Service and Firewall Services and Ports

●                 VoIP quality of service with the highest priority available

●                 DSCP [value of 46(EF)] configuration applied to switches to support wireless QoS

●                 Enable on the firewall, all outbound originated Augmedix network traffic, the requirements of which will be provided by Augmedix separately.