Augmedix Prep – Product Schedule

Last Updated: October 10, 2023


1.              DEFINITIONS

1.1      “Augmedix Prep” means the virtual chart and content preparation Service provided by Augmedix to Customer, which solution includes gathering key patient information within the Customer’s Electronic Health Record (“Customer EHR”) and adding such information into a preliminary patient chart in advance of a patient’s appointment, as further described in this Product Schedule and the applicable Service Order.

1.2      “Medical Documentation Specialist” (“MDS” or “MDSs”) means an Augmedix-supplied individual who provides Augmedix Prep Services for an Authorized User.


2.1       Authorized User Selection. To the extent practicable, Customer’s designated Authorized Users and their associated specialties should be identified in the applicable Service Order. To the extent not identified in the Service Order, Customer shall provide a list of its selected Authorized Users to Augmedix no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the first day Augmedix commences Augmedix Prep Services for one or more Authorized Users. Augmedix will provide rolling guidance on the target Launch Date (as defined in Section 3.2 below).

2.2       Kick-off Call. Augmedix will initiate and conduct a kick-off call with Customer to collect Authorized User templates, macros and smartsets, discuss workflow and coordinate appropriate access to the Customer’s EHR.

2.3       Augmedix Prep Deployment. Augmedix will coordinate and manage the deployment of Augmedix Prep on an Authorized User-by-Authorized User basis. During the initial deployment, Augmedix will provide training to the Authorized User and for one or more MDS(s) working with the Authorized User such that such MDS(s) are able to satisfactorily assemble key patient information into a preliminary patient chart in advance of patient visits for the Authorized User’s review.


3.1       Augmedix Prep. Subject to Customer’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement and the applicable Service Order, Augmedix will provide Augmedix Prep as specified herein and in the applicable Service Order. MDSs will gather key patient information within the EHR and pend such information in a preliminary patient chart in advance of a patient’s appointment for the Authorized User’s review. Augmedix will ensure that all MDSs comply with the terms and conditions of all agreements between Customer and third parties relating to the use of the Customer EHR software. Customer may access and use Augmedix Prep solely for its internal business purposes, and such access and use are expressly limited to the number of Authorized Users for which Customer has paid Subscription Fees in accordance with the applicable Service Order.

3.2       Scope of Services. Augmedix Prep involves the assembling and pending of preliminary note content based upon the reason for the visit and previous medical records. Except as otherwise mutually agreed and set forth in a Service Order, the scope of Augmedix Prep is limited to (a) generating a preliminary document for the encounter, (b) extracting the patient summary statement/History of present illness (HPI) from the Customer EHR or scanned document prior notes, (c) extracting clinical data from notes, reports, and lab results into the interim HPI, and (d) extracting the prior assessment & plan (follow up appointments only). The data in the interim HPI will be in date order and copied directly from the summary sections of the source documents within the document section of the Customer EHR. The format of the interim HPI will generally be visit/study/lab name, date of occurrence, and outcome or result of the referenced visit or study. Augmedix Prep will only reference the documents between the most recent follow up and new date of encounter. The Authorized Users shall be responsible for the review and approval of any content prepared in connection with Augmedix Prep.

3.3       Service Phase. The service phase (“Service Phase”) consists of ongoing Augmedix Prep Services by Augmedix-supplied MDSs on behalf of Customer’s designated Authorized Users. The Service Phase will commence on the first day of Augmedix Prep Services on behalf of one or more Authorized Users (“Launch Date”) and continue for the remainder of the Subscription Term of the applicable Service Order.

3.4       Seat Transfers. Authorized User Subscriptions may not be shared or used by more than one individual Authorized User; however, Authorized User Subscriptions may be transferred at no cost to new Authorized Users replacing individuals who will no longer use the Service, provided that Customer shall remain responsible for appliable Subscription Fees during any transition of Augmedix Prep Services.


4.1        IT, Telecommunications and Internet Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer’s and its Authorized Users’ use of Augmedix Prep is dependent upon access to telecommunications and internet services meeting certain minimal site connectivity requirements. Customer shall be solely responsible for acquiring and maintaining all telecommunications, internet services, and other hardware and software required to access internet and review prepared content in the Customer’s EHR, including, without limitation, any and all costs, fees, expenses, and taxes of any kind related to the foregoing. Augmedix shall not be responsible for any loss or corruption of data, lost communications, or any other loss or damage of any kind arising from any such telecommunications and internet services.

4.2.     Access. At no cost to Augmedix, Customer shall provide Augmedix (and any of its third-party MDS suppliers) with appropriate access and related credentials for the use of the Customer’s EHR and any other required Customer Materials, as necessary for Augmedix to provide Augmedix Prep to Customer. Customer must provide all credentials and permissions necessary for Augmedix personnel to access the Customer EHR within two (2) weeks of Augmedix’s written request. If credentials are not provided within two (2) weeks of Augmedix’s written request, Augmedix cannot guarantee a timely launch of Augmedix Prep and reserves the right to delay Customer’s Launch Date until appropriate Customer EHR credentials can be provided by Customer.

4.3.    Technical Support. Customer willprovide technical support to Augmedix by telephone and email in response to requests for assistance with the EHR in order to provide the Services. Any documentation for escalation and reporting will be mutually agreed upon between the parties.

4.4     Patient Consent. Customer shall be responsible for obtaining any patient consent necessary for the use of Augmedix Prep as required by applicable law.

4.5     Scheduling. Seven (7) days prior to the Launch Date for an Authorized User and the start of each month thereafter, Customer shall input a daily schedule for each Authorized User for each day of the following month in the Customer EHR or other scheduling software available to Augmedix (“Daily Schedule”). The Daily Schedule will be used by Augmedix to staff Augmedix Prep. If Customer does not notify Augmedix seven (7) days in advance of clinic, Augmedix cannot guarantee MDS availability.

4.5.1.   Customer must provide seven (7) days’ written notice in advance of any material Daily Schedule change during a month. If less than seven (7) days’ written notice is received, Augmedix will make good faith efforts, but does not guarantee, to accommodate such requests.