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Case Studies

Clinicians share their stories of how Augmedix helps them save time, 

 improve productivity, and increase work-life satisfaction.

“If your physicians are staying late to chart and they’re not getting it done on time, that’s an unpaid cost to the hospital.”

Dr. Jeffery Davies is a double boarded physician in emergency and family medicine in Southern California. Davies currently serves as director of emergency medicine at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard and St. John’s Camarillo, both a part of Dignity Health. Davies also serves as an emergency physician consultant at Common Spirit, an organization focused on community health and parent company of Dignity Health.

“Prior to Augmedix, my whole family would ask ‘how many charts do you have left,’ and the whole weekend was plagued by the number of charts left. With Augmedix, I feel like I found the way to be happy with my job and I want to share this experience with other clinicians.”

Jacqueline Rohrer, MD, is a family practice physician who specializes in obstetrics at Foothill Family Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s been with the practice since 2013. The practice has 35 providers, clinicians, and mid-level practitioners.

“I’ve had doctors tell me that Augmedix has been life-changing for them.”

Prior to Augmedix, Michael Crandell, Executive Director, Mercy Medical Group, Dignity Health noted that he didn’t know any doctor in their practice who wasn’t working extra hours and working from home, spending a little time with their families, and then continuing to work for a couple of hours at home, just to be able to keep up with their chart notes. Since using Augmedix, some of their most productive doctors who had been a month or so behind in their chart notes are caught up at the end of every day now — without working extra hours.

"Augmedix allows me to have more time communicating with patients, clinical staff and other physicians. The quality of care goes up with more communications."

Dr. Wang, like many clinicians, spent so much time balancing direct patient care with administrative tasks that he was left with little time for charting. That meant working in the electronic medical record (EMR) was usually done during his personal time. Dr. Wang said, “It was kind of miserable. I often had to stay beyond 7:00pm and still had to do some charting at night and over the weekend.” He wanted to find a solution that would allow him to keep charting updated during office hours so he wouldn’t have to spend so much personal time catching up.

“I look at Augmedix as an investment in freeing up my time so I can spend more of it taking care of patients.”

Dr. David Myers, an internal medicine doctor, was becoming increasingly dismayed by how computers had lowered his productivity. He wanted to give his undivided attention to his patients, but unfortunately, he usually found himself splitting his focus between his patients and data input during appointments. Today, after augmenting his Athena system with Augmedix, Dr. Myers can see more patients more efficiently and effectively.

“Augmedix’s documentation solution helps me with my charting and allows me to spend more time with my patients.

Dr. John Good is a pediatrician in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Dr. Good needed a way to reduce administrative burden so he could spend more time on direct patient care. Dr. Good is reporting multifaceted benefits from his virtual scribe. He particularly appreciates how his scribe reminds him of things such as allergies or overdue vaccinations, and how the scribe often captures parts of the visit that he may not have documented before, improving the overall quality of the note.

“When we do rounding in clinics we always check in on Augmedix and so far it’s been nothing but super positive!

KVH chose to use virtual scribes from Augmedix. Augmedix virtual scribes are specially trained to work in both acute and non-acute environments, acting as an always-present assistant to the clinician, converting real-time clinician-patient conversations into precise medical documentation.

“It's the best thing I've ever done to lower my stress level and enhance my practice.”

“It's the best thing I've ever done to lower my stress level and enhance my practice.”

Dr. Andrew Laster, a rheumatologist at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas, now relies on his Augmedix Live remote assistant instead of his laptop. As a result,  Dr. Laster now spends more time speaking directly to new patients instead of clicking boxes. .

“I now can spend more time with patients and enjoy weekends with my family.”

“I now can spend more time with patients and enjoy weekends with my family.”

Dr. Seneca Dewar, a primary care clinician at Dignity Health, once spent 20 hours per week on mandated EHR documentation. Today, Dr. Dewar spends only minutes, not hours, on his notes, thanks to Augmedix Live.

“Augmedix allows me to spend more time with my patients.”

“Augmedix allows me to spend more time with my patients.”

Heather Dountas, PA-C, can do what she once thought impossible: seeing more patients, spending less time on documentation, and providing higher quality care.

“I cannot imagine my career without my remote scribe. It slashes my work in half.”

“I cannot imagine my career without my remote scribe. It slashes my work in half.”

Dr. Hany Fouad, a family medicine physician with Dignity Health Partners, St. John’s Ventura, saw 25 patients per day, then spent an hour at the end of the day completing notes. Augmedix Live has allowed Dr. Fouad to increase his patient load to 30 patients per day — yet decrease his documentation time in half.