Dr. David Myers

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Dr. David Myers

Internist (Internal Medicine), MDVIP
Less time charting means more patient interaction
I look at Augmedix as an investment in freeing up my time so I can spend more of it taking care of patients.

- Dr. David Myers
Internal Medicine

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Before Augmedix:

Dr. Myers, who is in his 50s, was also increasingly dismayed by how computers had lowered doctor productivity.

A member of national primary provider network, MDVIP, he also wanted to give undivided attention to his patients. Unfortunately, he usually found himself splitting his focus between his patients and data input during appointments. Entering information continued over the weekends as well, eating into time he could have used to recharge for the coming week.

Overall, documentation requirements felt like a holdover of an outdated fee-for-service system.

After Augmedix:

Today, after augmenting his Athena system with Augmedix, Dr. Myers can see more patients more efficiently and effectively.

Augmedix’s remote medical documentation platform uses virtual scribes who are specially trained to work in both acute and non-acute environments, acting as an always-present assistant to the clinician. They convert real-time clinician-patient conversations into precise medical documentation.

These virtual scribes are experienced in most EHRs, which improves accuracy, increases quality of documentation, and ensures timely charge capture for faster reimbursement. Virtual scribes can also place orders for testing, medications, and labs to keep patients moving along the care continuum.

An aggregated study of 136 providers across three healthcare systems using the Augmedix platform found:

•10.4% increase in hourly productivity (Clinician work RVU)
• Decrease in time spent in the EMR from more than 20 minutes to 14.5 minutes (Practice Expense RYU)

Dr. Myers calls the experience he has of seeing patients now “totally different” from his previous arrangement. Now his specialty-trained Augmedix assistant is virtually present via smartphone or SP4 Glass to document his patient appointments. He can interact more naturally with his patients, relying on his assistant to capture highly detailed and accurate medical notes and patient summaries in real-time.

While traditional doctors are fee for service and need to see more patients to make more revenue, as an MDVIP physician, he’s not driven by patient visits. Augmedix makes him more efficient so he can spend more time with his patients and still add more. He’s been able to add approximately 10 patients to his panel thanks to Augmedix.

His patients have responded to the use of remote documentation positively. “I explain that the technology allows me to focus more on them. They say they think I’m tech savvy and cool,” he says.

After more than six years working with Augmedix, Myers knows colleagues who are still documenting appointments in the EHR and spending after hours supplementing their
notes, a situation he thinks is “horrifying.” “In terms of efficiency, I think it’s better for doctors to be seeing patients, not entering data,” he says. “After seeing patients, I’m done!
It’s worth any doctor trying it to see how their productivity will change.”

Clinicians using Augmedix virtual scribes experience:

• 2 3 hours saved per day
• 20% increase in productivity
• 4.8 out of 5 Star Provider Satisfaction Score
• 40% increase in provider work-life satisfaction
• Cost savings from reduced churn

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