Live Clinical Support in the
Emergency Department

Live Clinical Support in the Emergency Department

Virtual Scribes

Virtual Scribes

Ready to Start Optimizing Workflow and Improving Productivity in the ED?
Ready to Start Optimizing Workflow and Improving Productivity in the ED?
An excited doctor that uses Augmedix virtual scribes
Emergency department clinicians are experiencing burnout now more than ever driven primarily by excessive administrative busywork and the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, extending already long shifts.

Fortunately, Augmedix's new tech-enabled service, powered by virtual scribes, combines artificial and human intelligence, eliminating the need for after-hours work in the Electronic Health Record (EHR), while allowing ED clinicians to focus on direct patient care without the burden of adding headcount to a busy emergency department.

Jeffery Davies, MD from Dignity Health

Dr. Jeffery Davies
ED Medical Director,
Dignity Ventura

"Augmedix scribes help ensure patients receive quality and timely care in the emergency department. They capture key details from the natural patient conversation that would otherwise be impossible for clinicians during busy shifts."
A virtual scribe helping a doctor with a patient

Augmedix virtual scribes, specially trained to work within an ED environment, are an always-present assistant to the clinician, converting real-time clinician-patient conversations into precise medical documentation.

Wearing non-intrusive hands-free technology, clinicians are able to give their full attention to the patient in a way that is natural and personable.
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Augmedix virtual scribes use the proprietary Notebuilder automation technology to increase the quality of documentation and add value and potential return on investment relating to ancillary billing opportunities unique to the ED.

Augmedix Virtual Scribes

In addition to documentation, Augmedix virtual scribes provide live clinical support to ensure quality and timely care in the emergency department. This includes:

  • Managing admissions according to criteria determinations
  • Monitoring and providing real-time alerts for labs, radiology, medication, and testing
  • Managing reminders and follow-up in the EHR
  • Providing referrals to post-discharge care facilities
  • Managing transitions of care
  • Providing patient education and follow-up instructions
  • Delivering best-in-class medical notations including HPI, ROS, PE, A&P, and more
  • Ensuring consistent documentation to support value-added ancillary billing
Doctor in the emergency department with a patient

Augmedix virtual scribes enhance quality of care and patient satisfaction while potentially reducing door-to-doctor time and median length of stay.

Clinicians Relying On Augmedix Experience

Virtual scribes save money in the emergency department

Up to $1M cost savings for every avoided provider churn

Virtual scribes increase clinician productivity
Increase in productivity
Augmedix services are highly rated
4.8 out of 5 Star Provider Satisfaction Score
Virtual scribes increase doctor work-life satisfaction
Increase in provider work-life satisfaction
Augmedix services save clinicians time
Hours saved per day
Virtual scribes make emergency departments more efficient
Decrease in charge closure time

Clinicians nationwide put their trust in Augmedix supporting more than 35 specialties, telemedicine efforts, and clinicians both in acute and post-acute environments.

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January 14, 2021 

Tech-Enabled Virtual Scribes Assist Busy ED Clinicians by Improving Documentation, Offering Real-Time Alerts and Completing Administrative Tasks.

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January 28, 2021
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems and provider organizations were experiencing a growing problem of clinician burnout.

Removing Administrative Burdens in the ED With Virtual Scribes


ED clinicians don’t have time for excessive administrative tasks; they’re too busy saving lives. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in many hospitals. Augmedix is here to help!

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