Emergency Room Documentation Products

 Revolutionizing the Emergency Department

Reduce Administrative Burden
Save up to 3 hours per day on medical documentation.
Decrease Physician Burnout
Alleviate tasks identified as causing high burnout in the ER.
Increase Patient Access
Boost the volume of patients clinicians can see.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Increase patient-facing time, positively affecting experiences.

The Value of Augmedix Emergency Medicine Documentation Products

Emergency rooms are faced-paced with extremely high stakes and little room for error. With emergency medicine pushed to the brink from the COVID-19 pandemic, 62% of emergency clinicians have experienced symptoms of burnout. The influx of new patients in an ER leaves almost no time for charting or taking notes.

Harnessing AI to transcribe notes to the EHR alleviates a key source of burnout—administrative burden—saving up to three hours a day, boosting patient volume, and significantly driving ROI by delivering hands-free ambient emergency room documentation. Paired with point-of-care support, Augmedix streamlines workflow to reduce administrative burden and enhance patient care.


Augmedix delivers AI-enabled medical documentation that is adapted to the unique environment of emergency healthcare. Using video and audio technology, Augmedix captures multiple conversations and voices into medical notes, keeping emergency clinicians nimble and focused on the task at hand without needing a scribe present in the room.

Increase Clinician Satisfaction

*Includes Augmedix clinicians across care settings (not solely Emergency Departments) surveyed from 2018 – Q3 2022

What Powers Augmedix Products?

Augmedix is driven by our proprietary Notebuilder Platform. Utilizing automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), the platform extracts clinical data from multi-party clinician conversations combined with medical data sets to generate timely, comprehensive medical notes that are transferred to the admitted patient’s EHR. Clinicians have seen up to three hours put back in their workday with Augmedix’s workflow efficiencies.

Additional Benefits Provided by Augmedix

Augmedix drives increased revenue while reducing the burden of stressors that trigger burnout in emergency medicine.

Significant ROI

Augmedix boosts productivity by 20%, increases patient volume and boosts overall revenue.

Maximize Reimbursements

Significantly decrease chart completion time for faster and more consistent reimbursement.

Improve Accuracy

Augmedix provides high-quality, structured and timely notes to help reduce medical errors and improve care.

Full Suite of Augmedix Emergency Documentation Products

Augmedix Live

Synchronous emergency department documentation and point-of-care support in real time.

Augmedix Notes

Asynchronous emergency room notes.

Augmedix Prep

Simplify ER charting with automated chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit.