Hany Fouad, MD

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Hany Fouad, MD

Dignity Health Partners, St. John’s Ventura


Time Saved
+10 hours saved charting per week


Patient Visits
+ 4 hours added clinic time per week

"I cannot imagine my career without my remote scribe. It slashes my work in half."

- Hany Fouad, MD

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Less time charting means more patient interaction

Before Augmedix:

Struggling to keep up with his documentation

Dr. Fouad is a busy Family Medicine physician who used to see 25 patients per day. Despite his
best efforts, he was struggling to keep up with his documentation, typically spending 6-7 hours
per week completing patient notes. He was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the amount
of time he spent on data entry. His EHR had come between him and his patients.


After Augmedix:

Dramatic gains in productivity and efficiency

Since starting with Augmedix, Dr. Fouad has experienced dramatic gains in productivity, efficiency, and professional satisfaction. His patients' care is documented with greater accuracy and detail than he previously achieved, yet he spends less than one half-hour each day reviewing his notes. After a full day – typically 30 patients – he truly leaves work at work, and is able to spend his reclaimed time with his family.

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