Heather Dountas, PA-C

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Heather Dountas, PA-C


Charting Hours
+16 hours saved charting per week


Patient Visits
+ 2.6 patient visits per day

“Augmedix really allows me to spend more time with my patients. I love it.”
- Heather Dountas, PA-C
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Less time charting means more patient interaction

Before Augmedix:

Overtaxed, under-documented
There were never enough hours in the day for Heather, a busy PA-C in Primary Care. In the midst of a full patient schedule, she was often forced to choose between completing thorough documentation, sending orders, and reconciling medication lists. Heather found herself regularly taking home 2-3 hours of incomplete paperwork per day.

After Augmedix:

Productivity increased, balance restored
Since starting with Augmedix, Heather is doing what she once thought impossible: seeing more patients, spending less time on documentation, and providing higher quality care, all while being fully present with her patients. She leaves work on time with the day's notes completed, ready to enjoy her reclaimed time -- now stress free -- with her family.

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