Medical Documentation Products for
Home Health

We Prioritize Patient Care

Reduce Administrative Burden
Save up to 3 hours per day on medical documentation.
Improve Communication
AI documentation captures medical notes while healthcare providers focus on patient needs.
Increase Patient Access
See more patients for longer durations throughout the workday.
Enhance Quality of Patient Care
Improve accuracy, satisfaction, and quality of care.

The Value of Augmedix Home Health Documentation

Home health services are rooted in attentive communication and support. Timely and accurate documentation is critical for long-term outcomes, quality of care, and patient safety, but can often become secondary to immediate patient care.

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Home health nurses often find themselves traveling from home to home throughout their workday. Augmedix is small, mobile, and non-intrusive, making it highly adaptive to the needs of home healthcare practitioners.

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Powered by our proprietary AI technology, Augmedix ensures every detail of a visit is logged and charted through natural language processing, improving the accuracy of charting and allowing home health services to focus their energy on providing best-in-class patient care.

Increase Clinician Satisfaction

*Includes Augmedix clinicians across care settings (not solely Home Health) surveyed from 2018 – Q3 2022

What Powers Augmedix Products?

Augmedix is driven by our proprietary Notebuilder Platform. Utilizing automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), the platform extracts clinical data from clinician/patient conversations combined with medical data sets to generate structured and comprehensive medical notes that are transferred to the patient’s EHR. Clinicians have seen up to three hours put back in their workday with Augmedix’s workflow efficiencies.

Additional Benefits Provided by Augmedix

Staffing shortages and employee retention are two major problems facing home health services. Augmedix alleviates a driving factor of burnout—documentation for home health—by automating home care charting with ambient AI technology.

Significant ROI

Augmedix boosts productivity by 20%, increases patient volume and boosts overall revenue.

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Increase Mobility

Clinicians are easily able to travel, with the device seamlessly capturing natural conversations.

Optimize Patient Care

Spend better quality time with patients and gain access to comprehensive AI-driven reporting.

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Enabled Documentation Products

Augmedix Live

Synchronous documentation for home health and point-of-care support in real time.

Augmedix Go Assist

Medical notes with Augmedix quality control.

Augmedix Prep

Simplify home care charting with chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit.

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