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Jacqueline Rohrer, MD

Family Practice with Obstetrics

“Prior to Augmedix, my whole family would ask ‘how many charts do you have left,’ and the whole weekend was plagued by the number of charts left. With Augmedix, I feel like I found the way to be happy with my job and I want to share this experience with other clinicians.”

Jacqueline Rohrer, MD
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Jacqueline Rohrer, MD, is a family practice physician who specializes in obstetrics at Foothill Family Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s been with the practice since 2013. The practice has 35 providers, clinicians, and mid-level practitioners.


Rohrer loves her patients and is dedicated to spending quality time with each one. Her days are spent juggling her family practice patients with her obstetrics patients. She had begun to experience extreme burnout and even wondered if she would need to stop practicing obstetrics. She realized a lot of the issue came from the two to three hours she had to spend at the end of each day on charting. On busy weeks, the charts would really pile up. She often would get to the end of each week with a backlog of three days’ worth of charts to do. Someone had suggested to Rohrer that she get a scribe to help out, but she resisted doing so because she didn’t want a “shadow” following her around all day and didn’t like the loss of patient privacy. Plus, the exam rooms were small and didn’t have desks or a place for anything more than a laptop, which she carried with her. Fortunately, she realized there was a better solution.


Rohrer heard about Augmedix virtual scribes on a Facebook group for moms who are doctors. Augmedix virtual scribes are specially trained to work in both acute and non-acute environments, acting as an always-present assistant to the provider, converting real-time provider-patient conversations into precise medical documentation. Augmedix virtual scribes are experienced in most medical health records, which improves accuracy, increases quality of documentation, and ensures timely charge capture for faster reimbursement. Virtual scribes can also place orders for testing, medications, and labs so providers can spend more time on direct patient care. Providers can connect with their virtual scribes via Google Glass technology, an earpiece, or through a smartphone app. Rohrer chose to use Google Glasses with her virtual scribes because of the ability to move about the clinic handsfree without having to carry a smartphone.


Rohrer likes the seamless communication with her virtual scribes through Google Glass technology. Because she’s a self-described “people person,” she wanted to get to know her Augmedix scribes on a personal level, so she connected with them over social media. They now regularly check in and chat with each other. Rohrer has experienced many improvements since getting her Augmedix virtual scribes, including:

  • Has more time to spend with patients
  • Can see more walk-ins
  • Went from seeing 18 patients a day to 20
  • Charting is more accurate
  • Has more time for family life
  • Improved productivity
  • Scribes now help with telephone referrals and reminders

The time saved using Augmedix has allowed Rohrer to complete two triathlons and even adopt a baby. She says she no longer feels burnt out and now looks forward to each day.

With Augmedix, Rohrer went from spending 2 – 3 hours charting at the end of each day to just 30 to 45 minutes.

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