Michael Crandell

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Michael Crandell

Executive Director, Mercy Medical Group, Dignity Health

Less time charting means physicians are up-to-date on billing

“I’ve had doctors tell me
that Augmedix has been
life-changing for them.”

Michael Crandell
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Before Augmedix:

Physicians’ quality of life was suffering

I think every doctor in our system was not a fan of electronic medical records—but they’re a necessary evil. EHRs require a lot of charting, a lot of time. And I don’t know any doctor who is practicing full-time, isn’t working extra hours and working from home. It significantly affects their quality of life. I know doctors who regularly go home late because they’re working on records, spend time a little with their family — having dinner, putting the kids to bed — and then continue to work for a couple of hours at home, just to be able to keep up with their chart notes.

After Augmedix:

Even the busiest physicians are caught up.

Some of our most productive doctors who have hectic schedules and had been a month or so behind in their chart notes and their billing are caught up at the end of every day now — without working extra hours. They leave on time, and when they come in, they know they won’t have 30 unfinished charts waiting for them.

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