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Versatile AI Solutions for Every Clinician’s Needs

Free valuable clinician time and reduce documentation burdens with Augmedix ambient AI medical documentation. 

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Powered Products

Augmedix products are uniquely designed to be flexible, meeting clinicians where they are with a continuum of service levels based on cost and need.

Augmedix is the only company to offer three levels of service designed to meet the varying documentation needs of hospitals and health systems for every stage of AI adoption.

Ambient AI generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI for emergency medicine that generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI plus an extra layer of specialist support creates finished notes faster.

Full-service product with a specialist that pends orders and adds referrals, letters, and coding.

Powerful Technology for Problem-Based Notes

Augmedix products extract clinically relevant information from physician-patient conversations and convert it into problem-based medical notes, which are seamlessly transferred to the EHR.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captures the natural conversation between the patient and the physician.

Augmedix Natural Language Processing (NLP), including foundational and specialty-specific fine-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs), make multiple passes to generate a natural-sounding note.

Additional NLP models generate structured data for note review and analytical purposes.

The medical note and structured data are uploaded to the EHR for review and sign-off by the doctor.

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