How Medical Documentation Changed My Career

Aug 17, 2022 | Blogs

blog feature David Lundquist

Davin R Lundquist, MD Family Medicine, is affiliated with Dignity Health, a part of CommonSpirit Health, in California. He serves as Augmedix Chief Medical Officer.

In June, I was humbled to be named on Becker’s 48 CMIOs and CNIOs to Know in 2022 list. I’m pleased to represent Augmedix as a leader in healthcare informatics. I joined Augmedix in late 2019 as Chief Medical Officer, and at that time, I could not have foreseen the radical changes coming to the field. Two and half years later, I’m seeing AI change the game daily for clinicians, many of whom desperately need the support.

When I began this role, I retained a presence with CommonSpirit Health, where I pressed the company to become an enterprise adopter of Augmedix technology. I’d used Augmedix for more than six years as a PCP and knew the valuable role technology could play in the documentation process. At the same time, I was also aware of how crucial the human component was to make this work—AI can help with documentation, but there’s a reason so much of this work is still done manually, so to speak. Augmedix pairs technology’s strengths with the work only medical documentation specialists can do. 

After years of experience using these products myself, I transitioned to a role at Augmedix full-time to advocate for expansion. I knew the challenges in the industry from a provider’s perspective, and I knew that many of my colleagues were struggling to focus on what they’d entered the field to do: help patients. 

Augmedix was a game changer for me because of its unique model. As a physician, I knew there would be a human in the loop. I could focus on my patients, relaxing in our conversations without considering commands or wake words for the tech to engage. 

As an early adopter, I saw the value of efficient documentation. Medical documentation specialists followed up on each of my transcriptions, ensuring the accuracy of my records. This was incredible to me, calming my mind and saving time.

Since the pandemic began, healthcare has seen high levels of retirement and attrition. Physicians are burnt out, practices are understaffed, and patient needs are as critical as they’ve ever been. Augmedix is stepping in where we can, leveraging technology to ease the burden on professionals in the field. I chose this company because I’ve seen what it can do for my workflow and work-life balance. I know the change I’ve seen in myself and my practice due to Augmedix products. These are why I’ve stepped into my role as Augmedix’s CMO, and I’m so passionate about what we do.

As we move into the latter part of this year, I’ll continue championing the work of this company. My frontline experience has shown me the industry’s stress points on a personal level, and now I know about at least one available solution to help. Documentation is a huge part of what we do as professionals, but it doesn’t have to occupy the lion’s share of our consciousness day-to-day. So, save that energy for your patients: let’s talk about how Augmedix can change your work for the better.