Augmedix, Inc. CEO Appears On Fox Business Network Show

Dec 3, 2021 | News, Press Releases

Krakaris and Bartiromo discuss how Augmedix solves physician medical documentation challenges

NEW YORK, Dec. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AUGMEDIX, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUGX) (“Augmedix” or the “Company”), a leading digital health platform that offers virtual medical documentation and live clinical support, announced today that Augmedix CEO Manny Krakaris appeared as a guest this morning on Fox Business Network’s show, “Mornings with Maria”.

Krakaris sat down with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to share the latest on how Augmedix is addressing the strain physicians are under by reducing the administrative burden and providing more time to focus on patient care. Powered by ambient automation technologies, Augmedix generates complex medical notes directly from natural conversations between physicians and patients. As a result, physician productivity increases by as much as 20%.

Augmedix currently serves six of the top 20 US healthcare enterprises and hundreds of physician practices across the US. Over 35 specialties across more than 25 electronic medical record systems in a variety of care settings are served by the platform. Augmedix rehumanizes the physician-patient experience by enabling physicians to focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality patient care.

“The company was founded on the premise of relieving the documentation burden from physicians, which today consumes up to three hours of their day. If you look at some of the macro trends in healthcare, the industry has suffered from chronic undersupply of physicians and trained medical practitioners,” said Manny Krakaris, CEO of Augmedix. “We want to relieve some of the stress in this industry.”

Today Augmedix leadership will be ringing the Nasdaq closing bell to celebrate their public offering.

About Augmedix, Inc.
Augmedix, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUGX) provides automated medical documentation and data services to large healthcare systems and physician practices, supporting medical offices, clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, and telemedicine nationwide. The Company’s Ambient Automation Platform converts the natural conversation between physicians and patients into timely and comprehensive medical notes and performs a suite of related data services. These services relieve physicians of administrative burdens to enable more time for patient care. Augmedix’s proprietary platform uses automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and clinical datasets to capture the ambient visit conversation and generate a structured medical note. The structured medical note data is then used to deliver additional data services. Quality is assured by trained medical documentation specialists. To learn more about Augmedix, visit

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