Augmedix Launches New Service, Augmedix Prep, to Significantly Reduce Physician Chart Prep Burden

Sep 6, 2022 | News, Press Releases

Allows Physicians to Spend Less Time in the EHR and More Time with Patients

SAN FRANCISCO (September 6, 2022) — Augmedix, a leading provider of automated medical documentation solutions, announces today the launch of Augmedix Prep, a new service that significantly reduces the burden on medical staff from preparing charts prior to a patient visit.

The new service features technology that prepares a patient note structure and content for the physician based on the unique visit type and the patient’s previous medical records. Alleviating this manual task ahead of time, physicians simply review the information prior to seeing the patient, allowing them to enter the visit ready to engage with the patient.

“Augmedix is on a mission to remove the barriers to care that frustrate both physicians and patients,” said Manny Krakaris, Chief Executive Officer of Augmedix. “Augmedix Prep is a significant value-add service that reduces the administrative burden exacerbating clinician burnout.”

Augmedix Prep is designed to address some of the most significant issues facing healthcare providers today, including reducing their workload, which can help mitigate clinician burnout and improve satisfaction, as well as allowing time back to focus on patients.

Augmedix Prep captures valuable information such as patient demographics, medication changes, up-to-date medical history, imaging, labs and diagnostic results, immunization history and past medical, family, and social history.

At its core, chart prep is a time-consuming administrative task that can negatively impact the patient encounter. Augmedix believes that by completing charting work prior to patient encounters, the physician will be better prepared and will offer more time in their schedule for delivering care, resulting in improved patient and provider experience and increasing patient satisfaction.

About Augmedix

Augmedix, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUGX) provides automated medical documentation and data services to large healthcare systems and physician practices, supporting medical offices, clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, and telemedicine nationwide. The company’s Ambient Automation Platform converts the natural conversation between physicians and patients into timely and comprehensive medical notes and performs a suite of related data services. These services relieve physicians of administrative burdens to enable more time for patient care. The Augmedix proprietary platform uses automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and clinical datasets to capture the ambient visit conversation and generate a structured medical note. The structured medical note data is then used to deliver additional data services. Quality is assured by trained medical documentation specialists. To learn more about Augmedix, visit

Forward-Looking Statements

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