Augmedix Announces New Positive Data and Enhancements to Its Ambient AI Product, Augmedix Go

Mar 12, 2024 | Featured, News, Press Releases

New Data Shows Clinicians Save Up to 1 Hour or More per Day Using Augmedix Go

San Francisco, CA – (March 12, 2024) Augmedix (Nasdaq: AUGX), a leader in ambient AI medical documentation and data solutions, today announced new positive data and product enhancements for Augmedix Go, its ambient AI medical documentation product.

Now supporting over 50 medical specialties, the Augmedix Go mobile app optimizes ambient AI technology to produce comprehensive draft medical notes in real time by processing the natural conversations between clinicians and patients.

New data from survey responses from more than a dozen enterprise and independent healthcare organizations found that clinicians in ambulatory care settings save up to one hour or more per clinic day by using Augmedix Go. Additionally, 94% of clinicians surveyed reported that Augmedix Go helps them better focus on their patients. 

“Hospitals and health systems have a growing need for a fully automated solution that can deliver the high quality notes at scale that our suite of medical documentation products offer; we launched Augmedix Go in response to this market demand,” said Manny Krakaris, CEO of Augmedix. “The promising data and enthusiastic feedback we’re hearing from our customers reinforces our commitment to delivering ambient AI solutions that combat administrative burden and clinician burnout.”

Augmedix Go utilizes a collection of large language models (LLMs) for different note sections, including Google Cloud’s MedLM’s suite of medically-tuned models. This collection of LLMs is used in conjunction with Augmedix’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and structured data sets, bringing the most powerful generative AI capabilities to the healthcare industry. By utilizing multiple models that cross-check each other, Augmedix is delivering high quality notes that instill trust among clinicians.

“The Augmedix Go note reads like a clinician wrote it,” said Mary Kate Case, PA-C, heart and vascular care. “Other AI products I have used sound like a machine produced the note.”

Augmedix Go seamlessly integrates with leading EHRs, including Epic, Oracle Cerner, Meditech, and athenahealth, allowing for proper organization of previously unstructured documentation into appropriate clinical data domains. Go uses a problem-based note approach, with note content organized within the History of Present Illness (HPI) and Assessment and Plan (A&P) sections of the patient’s chart. This approach provides an effortless, intuitive note structure for easy review, unlike medical documentation products that lump note content from multiple problems into a single paragraph. 

Leveraging experience from producing 10 million high-quality notes over 11 years, Augmedix has developed specialty-specific models that produce detailed medical notes for more than 50 acute care and ambulatory specialties. Augmedix Go uses proprietary quality scoring rubrics to train models that reflect the specialty-specific visit types, complaints, medical terminology, note sections, and organization. A feedback loop exists between the AI-generated content and human subject matter experts across all specialties to continuously improve note quality. 

As an example, to help oncologists better focus on their patients, Augmedix Go automatically generates the HPI with oncologic history, the interval history with information from the last visit, a comprehensive physical exam including the ECOG (Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group) score, and an A&P that incorporates an impression detailing the status of disease and treatment plans.

Clinicians use Augmedix Go to support their individual workflows with features such as additional recordings for multiple interactions across a single patient visit. Behind the scenes, the platform stitches together the recordings to create a comprehensive and structured problem-based or visit-based note, depending on the specialty and organizational preferences. Over half of clinicians use this new feature. 

About Augmedix

Augmedix (Nasdaq: AUGX) empowers clinicians to connect with patients by liberating them from administrative burden through the power of ambient AI, data, and trust.

The platform transforms natural conversations into organized medical notes, structured data, and point-of-care notifications that enhance efficiency and clinical decision support.

Incorporating data from millions of interactions across all care settings, Augmedix collaborates with hospitals and health systems to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Augmedix is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices around the world. To learn more, visit

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