A note from Augmedix about COVID-19

Grateful, Honored, Humbled

Today, and every day, I am grateful to be called a physician.

I am grateful to a higher power and the universe who endowed me with the intelligence to become a doctor.

I’m grateful to my parents, who supported me, friends who encouraged me, and teachers who pushed me to become a healer.

And I’m grateful to be present at this time in history when the world publicly turns to its physicians, clinicians, and scientists for help. 

I am also honored to be in the company of the amazing human beings in the medical and scientific communities who are working tirelessly to combat, prevent, and cure this virus. 

As many of the world’s leaders—some of the most influential people on the planet—turn to physicians and scientists for advice and guidance on how to deal with this crisis, I’m impressed by my colleagues’ honesty and truthfulness. We are witnesses, as power, politics, and special interests defer to knowledge, intelligence, and compassion. Men and women who previously worked in obscurity, are being brought to the forefront as every day we hear of new tests, treatments, and vaccines that are close to being ready for use.

Lastly, I am humbled at how small I am in comparison to the vastness that is this universe. Despite the anxiety, pain and suffering being endured around the world, I truly believe this is a historic opportunity to bring us together. Alone we are all small, but together, we can overcome this extreme challenge and become better from it.   

When a crisis like this happens, we are reminded of how valuable our health is. Compared to the costs in real dollars to the economies across the globe, the worth of life has been determined to be great. Compassion overcomes greed, and for that, I am grateful.

In January 2020 when the CDC noted that fewer than 10 cases had been diagnosed in China, I joined Augmedix as its Chief Medical Officer. The Augmedix team and their technology provide real-time medical note documentation and other support services  remotely so clinicians can focus on patient care, instead of their EHR.

At the time, we did not anticipate the possibility of a global pandemic and I had no idea how sorely the workload of clinicians would be tested. No one could have guessed that the number of patients would skyrocket and severely stress the capabilities of our healthcare system. 

I know this firsthand, as I also continue to work as a physician for CommonSpirit Health. CommonSpirit’s mission is to work together for the common good. I know from experience that this phrase is not just a marketing tagline; its leaders are sincere in upholding this mission. 

Globally, we are all working for the common good. We are coming together across the planet and breaking down barriers and implementing measures that will help us all contain the spread of this disease.  We realize that we need to trust each other to get through this. 

No one person, scientist, doctor, or world leader has the solution. Whether you’re a healthcare worker providing direct patient care, a citizen practicing good hygiene and social distancing, or a scientist working tirelessly in a lab to find the cure, we are all in this together. And I have no doubt that together, we will slow and stop the spread of this disease.

My CommonSpirit colleagues and I will continue to serve on the front lines. The remote team at Augmedix is working equally hard behind the scenes to support us. Together, we will beat this. 

Dr. Davin Lundquist is Chief Medical Officer at Augmedix. He splits his time between Camarillo and San Francisco, California.