Technology that Rehumanizes Healthcare

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Generate Medical Notes

Augmedix provides industry leading medical documentation and data services, giving physicians more time to focus on patient care.

Capture physician-patient conversation at the point of care

Extract key clinical data points
Convert into medical documentation for physician sign off

Forming a Human Connection
at the Point of Care

Watch how Augmedix uses ambient AI technology to deliver our medical documentation solutions to the nation’s leading healthcare systems.

Powered by the Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform

Physician Burnout
$4.6B is the annual cost of physician burnout and 98% of physicians cite as a real issue.
Provider Efficiency
Most physicians spend 1/3 of their time documenting in their EHR.
Revenue Cycle Integrity
Accurate medical documentation reduces errors in billing and coding.
Patient Experience
Positive interaction with patients increases the efficacy of treatment compliance.

Why Augmedix?

Augmedix is the only medical documentation company offering a robust hybrid solution — combining the best technology with real time clinical support.

Expertise And Experience With 50+ EHR Platforms


Time Saved Charting

Partner with 4 of 10 Nation's Leading Health Systems

40K patient encounters charted per week

Who We Serve

Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Improve retention and avoid attrition
  • Prevent replacement costs that can reach $1M/physician
  • Increase revenue by seeing 2 – 3 more patients per day
  • Boost productivity by as much as 20%
Physicians & Group Practices
  • Restore natural two-way conversation to improve patient satisfaction by 35%
  • Reduce physician burnout by giving back up to 3 hours per day
  • ​​Augmedix physicians report more than 40% improvement in work-life satisfaction on average

Customizable Solutions for a Variety of Care Environments:

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Department
  • Surgery (Hospital Inpatient)
  • Home Visits
  • Surgery Center (Outpatient)
  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Telemedicine
  • Pop-Up Clinics
  • Nursing Homes & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Full-Service Solution

Innovative and easy-to-use suite of technology solutions expertly curated to give physicians time to focus on what matters most: high-quality patient care.

  • Pre-charting
  • Digitization of previous records/patient history
  • Medical notes
  • Care gap reminders
  • HCC reminders
  • After-visit summaries
  • Coding
  • Orders
  • Referrals

Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform Provides Industry Leading Medical Notes

Automated Speech Recognition
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Data Services

What Clinicians Are Saying


“I look at Augmedix as an investment in freeing up my time so I can spend more of it taking care of patients.”

– David Myers

Dignity Ventura

“Augmedix has really taken a load off me so I can spend more time with my patients. My documentation specialist is very efficient and fast in capturing details from the appointment.”

– Dr. Jane Lindberg
Dignity Ventura

Dignity Health

“Augmedix saves me over 20 hours per week on documentation… I now can spend more time with patients and enjoy weekends with my family!”

– Dr. Seneca Dewar
Dignity Health

Dignity Health

“I cannot imagine my career without my remote Medical Documentation Specialist.”

– Hany Fouad, MD
Dignity Health

William F. Baker & Associates

“Thank you Augmedix for your steadfast support of our practice and for your invaluable help in caring for our patients. We are proud to have you and your Medical Documentation Specialists at our sides, helping us through this extremely challenging time.”

– Dr. William Baker
William F. Baker & Associates

Dignity Health

“Augmedix has been life changing for me! It’s a great service that every physician should be using.”

– Dr. Mani Nezhad
Dignity Health Medical Group

Sutter Health

“I appreciate my Augmedix Medical Documentation Specialist’s flexibility and cooperation while we’re on high alert during the Coronavirus outbreak.”

– Dr. Christine Tsang
Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation

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