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How it Works

Augmedix uses technology to livestream office encounters to a tech-enabled scribe team in a HIPAA compliant Augmedix facility.

Augmedix remote medical scribes are trained to observe the clinician/patient interaction and extract the salient details needed for medical documentation.

Documents are created in real time and uploaded to the EHR throughout the day for the clinicians to review and approve.

Simplify how you work with your EHR, receive personalized service, and rehumanize the patient visit with Augmedix

Hands-free documentation

Augmedix sets up clinicians with Smartphones or Google Glass.

Your remote medical scribe is an extension of your team

Interact with patients’ medical records simply by using your voice.

Improved patient experience

With Augmedix you’re able to focus on what matters, your patients.

Real-time documentation

Augmedix completes patient documents in real-time.

Ask questions, receive answers

Ask your remote medical scribe questions and receive answers in real time.

Increased provider satisfaction

Augmedix frees you from up to 1/3 of your week spent documenting to help you remember why you chose medicine.


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