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Our Mission

We are on a mission to rehumanize the physician-patient relationship and address the largest pain point in the US healthcare system — documentation burden.


Physician by physician, we’re changing the way healthcare is delivered. We imagine a world where all physicians can focus on what matters most: high-quality patient care. The future of healthcare is driven by people and it starts with you.


Sandra Breber

Chief Operating Officer

Saurav Chatterjee, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Ginocchio

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Hawkins

Chief Revenue Officer

Todd Holvick

Head of Legal & Compliance

Manny Krakaris

Chief Executive Officer

Davin Lundquist, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Rashed Noman

Country Director – Bangladesh

Ian Shakil

Founder, Director,Chief Strategy Officer

Lia Wallick

Head of People

Board of Directors

William Febbo

CEO, Optimize RX Corporation

Manny Krakaris

Chief Executive Officer at Augmedix

Jason Krikorian

General Partner at DCM Ventures

Joe Marks

Advisor to the Center for Machine Learning & Health at Carnegie Mellon University

Laurie McGraw
Board member for OhMD and MedAvail Technologies, Inc., Advisor for HLM Venture Partners
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Ian Shakil

Founder, Director, Chief Strategy Officer at Augmedix

Margie L. Traylor

CEO and Co-founder of Audacious Studios

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