Medical Notes Products for Surgery Centers

We Streamline Your Workflow

Reduce Administrative Burden
Save up to 3 hours per day on medical documentation.
Maximize Reimbursements
Decrease chart completion time by 40% for faster and more consistent reimbursement.
Automate Procedure Notes
Comprehensive medical notes and point-of-care support are delivered synchronously.
Enhance Quality of Patient Care
Allocate time on surgery documentation towards care, improving patient outcomes.

The Value of Augmedix Surgery Documentation Solutions

Burnout in the medical industry is driven by a lack of adequate support and documentation burden. This is no exception for the high-intensity environment of surgery centers.

Augmedix’s medical documentation solutions provide value by allowing for hands-free medical documentation, capturing surgical procedure notes with virtual medical documentation specialists who work alongside our powerful AI-enabled products. It can be utilized in every stage of the medical process, from surgical consulting, during operations, and for post-op medical documentation, to accurately capture relevant data, create premium quality medical notes, and transfer them to the EHR.


Paired with point-of-care support, Augmedix streamlines workflow and increases the number of patients seen in a day to reduce administrative burden and enhance patient care. Regardless if a surgery invasive or non-invasive, in-patient or out-patient, Augmedix uses video and audio technology to keep note-taking hands-free and allows surgeons to focus on quality patient care.

Increase Clinician Satisfaction

*Includes Augmedix clinicians across care settings (not solely Surgery Centers) surveyed from 2018 – Q3 2022

Powered by the Augmedix Notebuilder Platform

Surgery notes require expertise and attentiveness to properly document procedures. With Augmedix, our AI-powered Notebuilder Platform is supported by medical documentation specialists trained in your specialization work to deliver accurate reporting.

With continuous two-way communication, Augmedix Live also allows clinicians to order tests, send patient quality measure reminders, manage referrals, and perform coding services, driving accurate billing and timely reimbursements.

Hands-free medical notes can be delivered for all use cases, from inpatient to outpatient, invasive or noninvasive, surgical consultations, during operations, and during post-op appointments.

Additional Benefits Provided by Augmedix

Augmedix directly addresses the needs of surgeons and clinicians who are struggling with industry-high burnout. AI-driven documentation alleviates time-consuming tasks like charting and documentation, helping you retain top talent with a 40% increase in work-life satisfaction.

Significant ROI

See up to 3 more patients per day and improve workflows with Augmedix’s end-to-end solution.

Retain Quality Surgeons

Augmedix reduces documentation burden, a main driver of burnout, to help you retain top talent.

Increase Productivity

Augmedix boosts productivity by 20%, letting your team focus on high-priority tasks that drive revenue.

Full Suite of Augmedix Surgical Procedure Documentation Products

Augmedix Live

Synchronous surgical documentation and point of care support in real time.

Augmedix Go Assist

Asynchronous surgery documentation, including procedure and operation notes.

Augmedix Prep

Simplify procedure charting with chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit

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